Social initiatives

Child development since 1969

Since 1969 Pritt has been supporting child development through creativity. 


Pritt wants children to grow up in a world with equal opportunities
that´s why it raised funds to support NGOs active to improve child education.


Pritt built and renovated two schools, along with providing basic necessities and equipment in Codó, Brazil.


Pritt donated stationery products to the Tocev NGO to support 10 schools in Turkey.  


For its 50th Birthday, Pritt & Fritz Henkel Stiftung donated 90.000€ to support 3 local NGOs active in child development in Brazil (Instituto Ayrton Senna), South Africa (Save the Children) and Turkey (Tocev).


Pritt and the Fritz Henkel Stiftung made the €50,000 donation to support four local NGOs, focused on child development, in Belgium (Jantje Beton), Mexico (Redesgea), South Africa (Save the Children), Spain(Educo) and Italy (Mission Bambini).

We Craft for Children 2021


Both the Henkel comunity and consumers took part in the initiative, by crafting animals for the We Craft for Children Forest. For each crafted animal submitted by the participants Pritt added €5 to the fund. Pritt and the Fritz Henkel Stiftung donated €50,000 to fundations in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and Spain!